Meet Megan Perry, 2018 Giraffe Award Winner

This is one in a series of profiles on the 2018 Giraffe Award winners. Each week leading up to the Champions for Children Luncheon on November 15th, we will feature a profile on a 2018 Giraffe Award Winner and showcase how they “stick out their neck” for Maine children, youth and families. This week, we are pleased to introduce you to Kathy Colfer, Director of Child & Family Services at Kennebec Valley Community Action Program and Educare Central Maine.

Megan Perry was hired as Westbrook’s first ever Community Policing Coordinator for the Frenchtown neighborhood in the fall of 2015. Her job is to be a resource for the community, to support the residents, businesses and landlords, and provide networking with various community organizations and agencies to provide support for citizens.

“I couldn’t do my job as Community Builder without Meg. She is the epitome of a collaborative colleague, and always has children’s best interests in mind.  Whether she is handing out snacks to the neighborhood kids, finding free helmets, or hosting a story hour, she is all about keeping children safe and thriving (as well as their parents). Her enthusiasm, warm manner and fearless advocacy is remarkable.” –Brittney Sampson, Community Builder, Community Partnerships for Protecting Children.

Megan is a graduate of Mt. Ararat High School in Topsham and attended college at St. Joseph’s. Upon graduation, Megan worked as a Child Protective Assessment Worker for the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). During Megan’s final years with DHHS she was assigned to work many Westbrook cases, and is very familiar with the city. She now lives in the Brunswick area with her husband and two young children. She notes that without the support of her family parents and friends none of her successes would be possible.

Megan will be awarded a 2018 Individual Giraffe Award for her commitment to helping kids and families thrive on November 15th at the Champions for Children Luncheon.

Don’t forget to join us for the 2018 Champions for Children Luncheon! And keep an eye out for upcoming profiles featuring the rest of our 2018 Giraffe Award winners. 

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