Meet Dr. Janice L. Pelletier: 2017 Giraffe Award Winner

This is the first post in the series of profiles on the 2017 Giraffe Award Winners. We hope to see you Friday, May 19th at the Champions for Children Luncheon in Portland. This week, MCA is please to introduce you to Dr. Janice L. Pelletier, who currently serves as President for the Maine Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

For over three decades, Dr. Janice L. Pelletier has dedicated her life to improving children’s health in Maine. She’s a pediatrician, an advocate, a teacher, a mentor, who consistently goes above and beyond her job description each and every day. This year, we are thrilled to recognize Dr. Pelletier’s commitment to children’s health from practice to advocacy with a 2017 Giraffe Award. To purchase tickets to the 2017 Giraffe Awards, click here.

“Dr. Pelletier is positive, encouraging, collaborative, and supportive to her fellow pediatricians, the students she teaches, and those she works with on committees,” said Dee Kerry deHass, executive director of the Maine Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics. “Her energy is contagious and her demeanor is one that invites and supports other to participate and succeed.”

Dr. Pelletier serves children and families in the Bangor area through her pediatric dermatology practice at Eastern Maine Health Care but her impact extends far beyond her patients. Dr. Pelletier is consistently combining her roles as a community member and a pediatrician to pursue thoughtful and innovative approaches to public health concerns and contribute to the larger ongoing dialogue on health-related issues.

Dr. Pelletier and the leadership of the Maine Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics!

In her tenure as President of the Maine Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. Pelletier has been a fearless leader and outstanding advocate. She has spoken up on a number of critical issues from children’s health care coverage to child and adolescent mental health care. From writing editorials in the newspaper to testifying before the Legislature, Dr. Pelletier is doing her part to create an informed public and Legislature in regards to children’s health. She understands that if she wants to improve the health outcomes of all Maine kids, it takes a coordinated, collaborative and multifaceted approach.

For example, Dr. Pelletier recently began spearheading an innovative project bringing a diverse group of experts and organizations together to build an intergenerational resilience program for adolescents. This projects connects Orono High School Students with trained students at the University of Maine and senior citizens for a multi-tiered mentorship program. The program involves first training college students in stress, trauma and resilience and then sending them off to teach these skills to their high school mentees.

The high school students will then get an opportunity to interview senior citizens about their lives and overcoming adversity for a video or final project. The idea is to build strong relationships between high school students and adults, equip them with the tools they need to be resilient and provide examples in which these strategies can be employed in real life. It’s a simple concept that is both evidence-based and comprehensive.

 “In short, Dr. Pelletier not only sees the big picture, she works collaboratively to make it a reality.” – Dee Kerry deHass, Maine AAP executive director.

From providing quality care to children and families at her Eastern Maine Health Care pediatric dermatology practice, to teaching the next generation of Doctors, Dr. Pelletier is always working to advance the health of our children. Improving child health is not just part of her job, it is her life’s mission.

Join us to celebrate Dr. Pelletier and the incredible cohort of 2017 Giraffe Award winners at the Champions for Children Luncheon. Click here to purchase tickets today.

One thought on “Meet Dr. Janice L. Pelletier: 2017 Giraffe Award Winner

  1. Outstanding achievements. I am proud to say I know her and had the pleasure of having her as a student at Winslow Jr. High


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