Why Maine children and families need the Affordable Care Act.


All Maine children and families should be able to see a doctor when they are sick. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes this possible for more and more Maine children and families.

Healthy Maine children become healthy Maine adults who will lead us into the future, but they also need healthy parents or guardians to raise them. This is why access to quality, affordable health care coverage is critical to Maine’s future.

Last week, Congress began taking steps to repeal the health care law without a replacement. This is deeply concerning, and could have devastating effects for Maine children and families.

While the ACA is by no means perfect and needs improvement, it has done a lot of good things for children and families in Maine and across the U.S. Since the health care law went into effect,

  • The number of uninsured Mainers declined 25 percent;
  • 64,000 Mainers received financial help with the cost of their plan, including children and families; and,
  • Now, an impressive 95 percent of children in the U.S. have health care coverage – a historic high.

All these achievements point to healthy children, families and communities in Maine, which is good for all of us.

Repealing the ACA would have harmful effects on Maine and the country. For starters, it would likely double the national rate of uninsured children by 2019, and reverse any progress that has been made to reduce Maine’s high rate of uninsured children. It also means that 95,000 Maine adults and parents would lose coverage.

However, your voice matters and you can make all the difference. Call Senator Collins and Senator King today and tell them: Repealing the ACA, especially without a replacement, is bad for Maine children and families.

If we want Maine to have a prosperous future, we need our future generation to remain healthy so they can play, learn and grow. This starts with access to quality, affordable health care coverage.

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2 thoughts on “Why Maine children and families need the Affordable Care Act.

  1. Hello, Maine Kids VOICE! I am a retired clinical social worker who spent the last 25 years of her practice working with young children. I was on the first board of the Maine Association for Play Therapy in 1999. When I retired two and a half years ago, I continued my concern for young children by writing stories for them: the first is TWO PILLS which explains pill addiction to a child whose dad is in jail for actions resulting from his addiction. My next book is in process, and addresses children with reactive attachment disorder. POCKET TIME tells the story of three generations of hedgehogs (!) and I’m getting ready to publish it. I’d love to run both books by you at a meeting you might have. Do let me know if you’re interested! I am very impressed by your emails. How do I meet one of your staff face to face? I live in Portland. Sally Waite seastarstories.com >


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