Creating a Vision for an Early Childhood System


 As the 2016 campaigns come to a close, the Maine Children’s Alliance is gearing up for a new campaign to improve early childhood outcomes in Maine, starting with the 2nd Maine Children’s Convention: Creating a Vision for an Early Childhood System. On November 5, 2016, join parents, child care providers and child advocates from across the state at the Augusta Civic Center to begin to envision what Maine could do to better support children and their parents.

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“The research on investing in young children is clear and right now Maine leaves too many young children and their parents behind. If we invest in young children and their parents, it can change lives and improve outcomes for Maine children. The Maine Children’s Convention is an opportunity to start thinking about what we can do to ensure all Maine kids have a strong start in life.” – Rita Furlow, MCA Sr. Policy Analyst

An overwhelming amount of research tells us that the early years play a fundamental role in a child’s future cognitive, social and emotional brain development and we simply cannot ignore it. Imagine what a robust early child care and education system could like in Maine and what it might mean for children, parents and communities. When our children succeed, our families, communities and even the entire states succeed. This is a chance to invest in Maine’s future.

We need your help! Contact your Legislator!

The 2016 Maine Children’s Convention will feature a day-long facilitated discussion by former Giraffe Award Winner, Marjorie Withers, with critical stakeholders from all across the state to begin planning a better future for Maine’s youngest children. The goal is to begin a long-term campaign to begin addressing the issues that negatively affect early childhood in Maine and build a strong early childhood agenda.

Maine’s young children and the people who care for them, both parents and providers, are facing a challenging landscape in the state. With rising child care costs, parents cannot afford to send their children to high-quality programs while they are at work. For the providers and early childhood workforce, many are underpaid and undervalued, all while being tasked with one of the most important and challenging jobs out there.


“We hope to gather a group of passionate and engaged individuals interested in outlining ambitious goals and developing long-term strategies to achieve them to improve the lives of Maine’s youngest children. If we want to create enduring change for Maine children, we need to seek long-term solutions with a broad base of critical stakeholders.” – Claire Berkowitz, MCA Executive Director

The Maine Children’s Alliance is proud of its commitment to improve early childhood outcomes in Maine and make our state a better place to be a kids. We hope you will support us in our in our efforts and join us for the 2016 Maine Children’s Convention. Register today!

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