Toward a World That Works for Everyone…

In honor of #GivingTuesday, our Board Chair Bill Cumming talks about why he gives his time and energy to the Maine Children’s Alliance. Read his story and contribute to MCA below.

Anything over which we have no control, controls us. A simple and almost universal example demonstrates the point. Rain, in and of itself, does not produce a particular reaction from people. Yet, when it rains, many people react as if the rain controlled their mood and ability to be excited and enthusiastic.


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Ask a group of elementary school teachers what rainy Friday afternoons are like. In countries where rain is infrequent, it is worshipped for it produces new life and growth. It is not the rain that produces our reaction; it is the attitude we bring to the rain that determines the result.

Our attitude needs changing. Support MCA today.

Childhood hunger and poverty in general, the well-being of our most vulnerable citizens, are the focus of the Maine Children’s Alliance. We have done well in reporting on the circumstances as they exist and pointing towards solutions that work through KIDS COUNT. What we have not done is effect the attitude of the majority of people in the State of Maine regarding the critical nature of serving those most at risk.

Too many of us talk as if it were only about those in poverty or hungry or without adequate childcare and while these issues speak to our hearts; they completely miss the main point.

Whatever happens to one of us happens to all of us, if not spiritually, then certainly economically. Childhood hunger contributes to higher health care costs. Children without access to a great education are far less likely to be the contributors to the next generation. Good economic policy is good child policy because when families face challenges in providing for their basic needs, children’s health and well-being are compromised.

I work with the Maine Children’s Alliance so that we can finally be successful in bringing to the attention of every Maine person that no state will thrive unless it is committed to be a place that works for everyone.


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