Protect Maine’s Federal Preschool Funding

State House

Studies show, preschool works. Let preschool work for Maine.

Last year, Maine was selected as one of 18 states awarded federal Preschool Development Grants, as a part of Congress’ wise decision to invest in vital early learning programs. Early learning programs not only benefit individual children and their families, but communities, states and nation.

However, recently approved spending bills would eliminate funding for the Preschool Development Grants program. Maine kids need you to act now.

The Problem

Maine PDG Abstract

In Maine’s grantee profile, the Maine Department of Education outlines a path to transforming preschool programming in Maine through the Preschool Expansion Grant. By improving preschool access, increasing school-readiness and expanding high-quality programs, the Maine DOE has a vision that could transform communities and invest in the future of Maine.

This September, in the first year of the four-year grant, the Maine schools opened their doors to a number of new public preschool programs throughout the state, representing an exciting start to a potentially great program. Clearly, Maine is just getting started. In order to truly give Maine’s program a chance, we need Congress to protect and restore this critical funding.

The Facts

Pre-K Benefits Graphic 9.30.15
KIDS COUNT Data Book, Trostel Report, Fight Crime.

The Solution

Maine’s new public preschool programs are just getting started and have the potential to transform communities and lives. We need send a clear message to Maine’s Congressional Delegation that our kids are a priority. The Preschool Development Grant program is doing good things in states that really need it. We need Congress to protect the Federal Preschool Development Grant program and give Maine a chance to build something that is really great.

Tell Senator Collins, Senator King, Rep. Pingree, and Rep. Poliquin to protect and restore the Preschool Development Grant program funding. Tell them, preschool works and with their help, we can see preschool work for Maine.


Learn more about the U.S. Preschool Development Grant Program:

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