Who sticks their neck out for kids?

The Maine Children’s Alliance is now accepting nominations for the 19th annual Giraffe Awards, given to those who “stick their necks out for kids.”

Since 1995, MCA has recognized those who do extraordinary work on behalf of children in communities all over Maine. The annual Giraffe Awards program has been so successful in calling attention to the achievements of dedicated volunteers, professionals and organizations that MCA has adopted the giraffe as its symbol for its ongoing efforts to “stick our necks out” to improve the well-being of children, youth and families in Maine.

Rep. Rotundo, Douglas Patrick, Dr. Victoria Rogers, Jon Leach and Maya Brown accepted Champion's for Children awards.
2012 Giraffe Award Winners

This event celebrates the tremendous contributions of individuals, organizations, and businesses in Maine that have worked to improve the lives of our children. (Access information about 2012 winners here.)

The Giraffe Awards recognize winners in different categories including: outstanding individual award, youth award, business award and organization award. Past winners have included people working in children’s mental health, youth camps, Maine businesses that have been generous to young people, volunteers, educators and many more.

The Champions for Children Event provides an opportunity for the Maine community to say “thank you” to people who have sacrificed and have invested time, energy, talent, and grit to help our children.

This year’s event is scheduled for Thursday,  October 3rd,  at the Freeport Hilton Garden Inn.

For more information and nomination form, click here.

You may also call (207) 623-1868 ext. 207 or email tstevens@mekids.org

All nominations must be received by May 31, 2013 

Giraffe Award Nomination form

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