Staff change at the Maine Children’s Alliance

Many of you have received this news in one form or another, but the Maine Children’s Alliance has undergone a staffing change. Our former Early Childhood Specialist Judy Reidt-Parker has accepted a great new job as Program Associate with the John T. Gorman Foundation in Portland. Judy joins an outstanding organization that has been very supportive of the Maine Children’s Alliance, and we know that our loss is the Gorman Foundation’s gain. We also know that she is well-positioned to continue her intelligent, passionate and effective efforts on behalf of Maine children, and look forward to continuing to work together whenever possible. If you have a chance to drop Judy a congratulatory note, her email address

One door closes and another opens, as is often the case. The Maine Children’s Alliance is very pleased to welcome Mary Henderson to our team as our new Senior Policy Analyst. Mary will be continuing MCA’s critical work on early childhood education and development, and has hit the ground running. Mary is a public interest attorney with more than 30 years of experience in low income advocacy, health care, and government. Mary was an attorney at Pine Tree Legal Assistance, the founding Executive Director of Maine Equal Justice Project, has held senior policy positions in Maine state government, and was recently an analyst for the National Academy for State Health Policy. We had many terrific applicants for the position, but are very fortunate to have someone of Mary’s caliber come to work at the MCA. Please join us in welcoming Mary! Her email address is

Thanks for your attention, and best wishes from MCA!

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